XFX R9 290 Black OC Edition – PC Format

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But until then we’d still recommend spending your ash on the excellent R9 290X if you’re in the mood for a good value GPU upgrade

PC Format May Issue


XFX XTS 460W – micromart

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A  top-notch PSU, ideal for media system use.

Overall 8/10

micromart Issue 1326


PC Advisor – XFX R7 240

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This XFX version comes with 2GB of GDDR3 RAM. There’s also a 1GB version, costing £5 less. The Core-clock speed goes up to 750MHz on this overclocked card. That’s actually 20Mhz more than the standard issue R7 240.


PC Advisor November 2014

XFX PC Advisor

Custom PC – XFX Pro Series 550W Core Edition

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XFX Pro Series 550W Core Edition included in Elite budget PC section of September issue of Custom PC

Custom PC September Issue 


Custom PC September XFX

Custom PC – XSX TS 500W PSU

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As our system isnt going to draw more than 300W under load, a PSU in the region of 500W will be perfectly ample for our needs


Custom PC October 

Custom PC October XFX

Custom PC – XFX Pro Series Black Edition 750W

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A solid option for a solid price. This is an excellent 750W PSU for under £100

Overall Score 95%

Custom PC December

XFX Pro Series Edition 750W

CPC Premium Grade (2)

Custom PC – XFX Pro Series 550W Core Edition

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This aging verteran is still stable and good value for money, but it gets noisy at higher loads.

Overall Score 89%

Custom PC December Issue

XFX Custom pc PSU 1

Custom PC – XFX R9 285

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The XFX R9 285 happily runs all games at 1090p without going below 30fps.

Custom PC December Issue

XFX AWD Custom PC December