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We create branded gaming content & deliver it across all media

Explore how gaming can create authentic stories and branded content that allows you to communicate your brand and products. Our 15 years of experience helps you reach the highly attractive target group of young, opinion leading gamers

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We believe that the most legendary esport moments reaching fans across the globe are the result of a join effort with all leaders in the industry: Publishers, technology and broadcasting companies

Gamers: A highly attractive target group

“One Gaming Enthusiast influences an average of four people's tech choices among his friends and family.”
Intel Market Research

Young digital natives are the main opinion leaders when it comes to tech and entertainment buying decisions. While traditional advertisement barely reaches them, their brand loyalty is created through their entertainment choices such as gaming

They are:

  • 16-26 years old males
  • Active, social, communicative
  • Tech savvy
  • Open-minded towards growing product ranges
  • Multiplier, innovator, early-adopter
  • Very strong buying influencer
  • Gaming is passion & social activity

Tools and services for game developers and publishers

ESL Matchmaking is your professional tool for perfect multiplayer matchmaking. It’s a service that ensures that your great game design is extended into a great multiplayer experience.

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