Esports: The competitive play of video games

Gamers hungry for fame have always tried their hardest to beat the highscore, they are constantly looking for competition and clash against one another, increasingly surpassing their limits. With the help of the Internet, unaffected by geographical boundaries, esports has experienced a massive boom and keeps impressing teenagers and adults alike on a worldwide scale

ESL Play is a social network for gamers

It combines the daily league routine with community functions such as detailed profiles, friend list, guestbook and photo galleries, bringing gamers together. People here communicate, experience and discover their shared hobby of video games. is an information portal

The esports magazine for all content created inside the ESL Gaming Network and contributing projects. A mix of videos, opinion and interviews give a great insight into the world of esport!

The pro leagues: Amazing skills & global champions!

In ESL One players from all over the world compete in an Esports tournament unlike any other. With events taking place in sports stadiums, it puts the players in front of enthusiastic audiences, cheering them on in their attempt to secure the one trophy and the glory that comes with it.

The Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) are the global league of Esports champions.
At each of its stops around the world, the best players clash in a battle for massive cash prizes and a spot at the World Championship.

The ESL National Championships are the leagues that determine national champions.
Each country’s best players are determined through our live events, accompanied by thousands of fans.  With leagues in the UK, France, Poland, Germany, Russia, Spain and South East Europe

The ESL Pro Leagues is our highest international league with fresh daily content across multiple games.  Over 100 million sessions and almost 30 million hours watched in 2015

The gaming TV station

We create amazing gaming events – and want fans from all over the globe to be part of it. ESL TV, our very own TV station and production company takes care of all video broadcasts, making sure events are as epic as can be. Each show consists of live-gaming and experts commenting the play, interviews, highlight videos and live raffles. We deliver unforgettable gaming experiences and help people remember why exactly they love esports - watch all the games!

All this takes place on ESL TVs website, providing visitors with all the live coverage and videos of our events.

What makes competitive gaming a real sport?

Esport combines abilities such as hand-eye-coordination, dexterity and reaction speed as well as tactical understanding. Players are organized in teams (so called clans) which take over the functions of associations and often are sponsored internationally