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Samsung T3 Portable SSD – MicroMart

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“Overall, the T3 is a neat device that’s beautifully made, and it could be a godsend to anyone wanting to leave the office on time with their data to hand.”

MicroMart Issue 1403


Creative Woof – MMM Magazine

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“Sound wise it’s pretty decent, but it isn’t very loud so if you have a large motorhome space to fill, you’ll want something bigger”




MMM Magazine – March 2016


Creative Outlier – Men’s Fitness

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“DITCH WIRES – Sweat proof and bluetooth, you don’t even need a phone, they take an SD card”


Men’s Fitness February Issue – Page 52

ZOTAC EN970 Magnus – Maximum PC Magazine

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“Move aside consoles, you’ve got nothing on the Magnus.”

Maximum PC – March 2016 Issue


Samsung 950 & Samsung 850 – Custom PC

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The parts you’ll need to build a PC with serious power in multi threaded software, such as 3D rendering apps. –



Custom PC March 2016 UK Page 68

Samsung 950 Pro 256GB – Custom PC

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Samsung 950 Pro 256GB – Mini PC buyers Guide – ‘The parts you’ll need to builder a mini PC’


Custom PC March 2016 Page 69

Creative Sound Blaster Roar – MacWorld

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“one of the best portable speakers we’ve seen in this price range.”

MacWorld Feburary Issue 2016


Samsung 850 Pro – Computer Shopper

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Samsung 850 EVO is simply the fastest SATA SSD around and it’s available in a wide range of capacities. The 2TB  model might be expensive at around £539 from but it means saying goodbye to mechanical storage for good



Computer Shopper #337 March 2016

Samsung 850 PRO – PC ADVISOR

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The Samsung 850 PRO arrived just too late for last year’s round up of the best SSD’s, but even a year down the line it stil has little serious competition in the stakes for the world’s best SATA SSD. It may be left for dust by more modern PCIe drives such as Samsung’s own XP941, but if you have  a SATA-Based PC and want to fit it with the best storage, take the closest look at the 850 PROCOMPSHOP


PC ADVISOR #248 March 2016