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Samsung T1 – Practical Photography Magazine

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Highly Rated Award

“For reliability, performance and portability, it’s probably the best choice on the market.”

Practical Photography Magazine October Issue 2015

practical photography t1-1

Samsung T1 500GB – Digital SLR Photography

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4/5 – Highly Rated Award

“In terms of speed, size and general performance, the Samsung T1 is in a league of its own”


Samsung T1 500gb – Digital Filmmaker

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“It’s spot on for quick and easy data transfers if you’re working on pre or post-production stuff”

Digital Filmmaker Magazine October Issue 2015

Digital Filmmaker SSD T1

Micro Mart – ZOTAC CI521

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“This is a well specified machine that is remarkably small and efficient”

Micro Mart Issue 1382 October 2015


Muvo Mini -MacFormat

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“The Creative Muvo Mini contains every desirable feature you seek out in a Bluetooth speaker. For £50, it’s an unbeatable deal.”

MacFormat Autumn Issue 2015