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Samsung T1 – T3 Magazine

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While storing all your data in the cloud is the way forward, there’s still a lot to be said for keeping your files on your person. Samsung’s T1 uses 3D vertical NAND storage so it can pack a terabyte into a space not a whole lot bigger than a business card, while its SSD and USB 3.0 components make file transfers blisteringly fast. Its sleek design makes it perfect for a big, conspicuous list of secret agents’ true identities.

T3 magazine March 2015 Issue

T3 Magazine March 2015 - Samsung T1

ZOTAC GTX 750 Ti – PC Format Magazine

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The GPU that can make every PC a gaming PC and for an absolute bargain price. Bless the little GTX 750 Ti. We’d say it’s actually more important to PC gaming than the new GTX Titan X

one of our favourite ever graphics cards

PC Format Issue 304 May 2015

PC Format May 2015 - ZOTAC GTX 750 Ti