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PC Advisor – XFX R7 240

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This XFX version comes with 2GB of GDDR3 RAM. There’s also a 1GB version, costing £5 less. The Core-clock speed goes up to 750MHz on this overclocked card. That’s actually 20Mhz more than the standard issue R7 240.


PC Advisor November 2014

XFX PC Advisor

Samsung 850 Pro – AEC Magazine

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The Samsung SSD 850 PRO proved faster than the Samsung SSD 840 EVO, probably because of the way the Samsung SSD 840 EVO buffers write requests.

the Samsung drives are also very good at random read/write performance.

AEC Magazine Oct 2014 Issue 74



Samsung 845DC EVO SSD 480GB – Micromart Magazine

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What’s critical to understand about these IOPS figures, compared with many that are quoted on SSDs, is that this drive will sustain these levels indefinitely and not just over the short benchmark sprint. That’s not bad, especially when you combine it with a MTFB of two million hours, and TBW of 300 TBW (terabytes written) with a five year warranty.

Abuse resistant SSD technology designed for servers

Micromart October 2014 Issue 1335



The clue comes from an unexpected location

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